Offers description of CERT-DEVOTEAM
  • Incidents analysis
    The military programming law recently, in its article 15, adopted specific dispositions for the security of information systems.
    Thus, whether a security incident or compromise of information system, CERT Devoteam is able to deal quickly with the incident by the actions of its Rapid Intervention Force (FIR). Analysis and diagnostics will resolve and restore the affected service, from specific tools from his partner "Guidance Software."

  • Watches
    With two distinct platforms and specific equipment, the team CERT Devoteam offers various Internet monitoring to inform you about:
    - Threats and vulnerabilities (CERT network and reliable source sites);
    - E-reputation;
    - Competitive and/or strategic;
    - Counterfeiting;
    - A precise and determined watch in favor of crisis management teams.

  • Secrets of business (without forensic)
    Having worked on Carayon law, CERT Devoteam offers to advise you on this subject, with two specific tasks:
    - Assistance in the classification, storage, backup, transmission, removal of confidential documents;
    - In case of suspicion for an officer or director of company, disclosure of confidential business information on the Internet domain, the team CERT Devoteam is able to crawl the network (web pages, invisible web, different protocols) to confirm or deny that these documents were distributed.

  • Awareness - Training
    With its past and multidisciplinary activities, CERT Devoteam is able to raise awareness both managers and all employees on current topics such as:
    - Cloud, the protection of workstations, BYOD, data leakage, the remote administration tools, telecommuting, external messaging, social networks...
    CERT Devoteam strives to act according to the will of the customer in the form of conferences, e-learning, stands, targeted interventions...

- Identity:
Identity theft affected 213,000 victims in France each year.
From this observation, the CERT Devoteam has decided to assist you in raising awareness, in analysis various hardware and servers (Forensic) PC, laptop, external hard drive, usb drives, smartphones... and audit the internal team to ensure act in accordance with the law.
- Internal:
The development of new technologies and information systems facilitate fraud techniques (Online Storage, VPN, free proxies...) They are carried out by one or more employees and generate billions of euros lost to French companies.
The forensic analysis of all media (present or erased traces), the CERT team will provide an information report on any discoveries.
It is important to note that the company can not be judge and jury on these topics very sensitive.

For all of these tasks, please contact directly the CERT Devoteam.