• CERT-DEVOTEAM has its roots in a commercial structure established in 1999 and known as "Apogée SecWatch". Formally founded in May 2010, CERT-DEVOTEAM is referenced in the lists of European incidents management teams maintained by the Trusted Introducer since September 2007.

  • We are officially authorized by the Carnegie Mellon University to use CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) brand, and accredited within the TF_CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) since February 2011.

  • Composed of twenty experts in various qualifications, the team participates in the protection of critical or important infrastructure. In this staff, a team of experts is the Rapid Intervention Force (FIR) whose mission, skills and referral are described on the page dedicated to the FIR.

  • CERT-Devoteam has experience of many years and remains a reference in this security experts environment.